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Hieroglyph develops highly accessible 360-degree creation tools and sophisticated 2D to 360/VR transfer systems. We provide the single destination for every 2D to 360-degree creation and transfer need. Typically, spherical creation tools have steep learning curves. However, we offer a workflow that is easy for everyone, which enriches the creation process in unprecedented ways. Our proprietary software makes intricate 360-degree development simple to manage for the first time. We are putting 2D artists such as illustrators, graphic designers, 2D animators, photographers, and filmmakers first in a virtual and augmented reality climate dominated by 3D workflows.

Our technology seamlessly transforms 2D media into 360-degree formats, and our proprietary workflows are the first to bring 2D art into the VR revolution. Thus, providing the only practical opportunity for industries such as Illustration, Graphic Design, 2D Animation, and Photography to transition into and create for the virtual and augmented reality medium. Moreover, our systems supply VR and AR with a standard format for transferring the world’s library of 2D movies, animated franchises, photos, & art into fully-fledged VR experiences, allowing audiences to step into their favorite classic films and photos and enter into the greatest art pieces in history.

We are solving an array of complex problems by using a new and specialized geometry that lets us seamlessly bend the fabric of the second dimension in entirely new ways. Our groundbreaking discoveries unveil the next revolutionary series of art techniques, which is the first new Art Perspective System created in over 40 years. We are implanting these findings into our products and making it accessible to everyone. Furthermore, regular testing of our perspective & geometry systems continues to reveal a broad range of applications to keep us on the leading edge of spherical creation as a whole.

Our primary objective is to build accessible technology that expands creative boundaries and elevates art to a higher dimension. The future of design and entertainment is interactive and dependent on the ability of creatives to continue to dream and explore new possibilities. New high-tech demands will emerge, and Hieroglyph will be there to supply the tools needed for a smooth transition. We put the power back into the hands of the artist, allowing imagination & craft to be the sole drivers of creativity.