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What is the advantage of using Drawn2 instead of the existing 360-degree workflow in Photoshop version 2018?

  • Drawn2 is All About Freedom

Unlike the current option in Photoshop, Drawn2 gives you full control over an infinite number of layers across 360 degrees of space without forcing you to flatten your layers into one 3D layer. This means you can make changes to separate layers retroactively and manage them with ease. You'll never have to worry about your changes being permanent. The pen tool, shape, text, and vector layers will continue to be re-editable without the need to rasterize!

  • Compatible w/ Multiple Versions of Photoshop

We realize that people like using older versions of Photoshop. Drawn2 is the only comprehensive 360-degree image solution compatible with Photoshop CC versions 2018, 2017, 2015.5, and 2015. Support for 2014, 2013 and CS6 COMING SOON! 

  • 360 Tagging

This feature lets you isolate specific parts of your 360-degree image to edit and export them separately. Tagging allows you to apply universal and global changes to any part of the 360 image that you choose. Now, multiple 360 image layer stacking is only limited by the imagination.

  • Automatic Teleportation

Trying to find a tiny detail in 360 degrees of space? Drawn2 automatically transports you to a layer's exact coordinates without you having to search for it!

  • 360 Grid Systems

Drawn2 has a grid system that makes it easy to get your bearings and draw accurately in 360 space. It also allows you to load your own custom 360-degree grids, backgrounds, and photos.

  • Parallel Canvas and Preview Window

Drawn2 displays a 360-degree canvas and a 360-degree preview window simultaneously, so that you can see critical parts of your scene beyond the workspace. Having an equirectangular map and the practical workspace in view at the same time makes cohesive 360-degree images much easier to create.

  • Rich Export Functionality

Drawn2 has rich export features, such as exporting as cube maps and modifying background properties when exporting.

  • The ultimate 360 management system
Drawn2 gives educators and teams the ability to manage layers by latitude and longitude, which allows groups of artists to create dynamic workflow systems and procedural steps that turn large scale 360-degree productions into an "assembly line" type of process. This highly customizable feature allows users, like educators and online tutorial makers, to create lesson plans using preset latitudes, longitudes, and unique grid systems. They can build their own 360 tutorials, art guides, lesson plans, and training files, which can all be shared and downloaded by other users, teammates, viewers, students, etc.

Is Drawn2 difficult to learn?

Not at all. You can create full-scale 360-degree content within minutes! Drawn2 is designed to be very easy to use and seamlessly integrate with the standard Adobe Photoshop workflow. You can find everything you need to know to get started by clicking "Tutorials" at the top of this page. 

What are the system requirements?

We did our best to make Drawn2 forgiving of older hardware. However, a modern GPU, decent ram, and updated hardware will provide the best experience. Older systems will work, but Drawn2 may function more slowly. 

I'm having issues with speed (even though my GPU and RAM are up to date).

Unlike the current 360 option in Photoshop, (which uses a single 3D layer) Drawn2 allows you to have an infinite number of layers to re-edit on the fly. This gives you much better organization and flexibility. However, Drawn2 must manage and remember the various properties of every layer added. As the number of layers grows, the processing power needed from your computer increases, which may impact the speed. Please note that Drawn2 is very new software and the speed will only get better over time!