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Multilayer 360 Design, Made Simple


We believe that making dynamic 360 content should be fully accessible to everyone and not just to certain types of artists with specific skill sets. The artist community isn’t comprised of one thing. It is extremely diverse. There are a plethora of different kinds of creators going deep into their imaginations to conjure up incredibly unique artwork. It’s time to open the door to 360-degree design and give imagination the infinite canvas it deserves. 



We went back to the drawing board and reinvented how 360-degree content is made from the beginning. We looked at everything from a holistic point of view and innovated a new approach that realizes the full spectrum of 360/VR creation and transfer needs. Drawn2 is the only tool that instantly adapts multilayer 360 design and illustration into the Photoshop workflow and shatters the barriers of the spherical creation process. It's easy to use and highly customizable allowing all types of creatives from students to professionals to develop intricate 360-degree experiences quickly and efficiently.



As creatives and designers ourselves, we understand the importance of having a professional and straightforward solution to combat the complicated 360 tools and workflows that are currently available. As such, we continually focus on engaging with the art community to better understand what is needed in a complete 360 toolkit. After examining all of the major pain points, we drilled down where the bottlenecks occurred and figured out how to optimize them. Drawn2 is not only built to help stabilize the current state of 360-degree production but to pull along the adoption of virtual and augmented reality as a whole.