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TAGGING ______________________________________________________

PROBLEMAfter I select a particular "Tag" and refresh the preview window, the Photoshop canvas work area says, "Strange or incorrect graphical errors.”

SOLUTION This is a KNOWN BUG. You can fix this by pressing "CTRL-Z" immediately after noticing it. 

SPEED _________________________________________________________

PROBLEMI'm having issues with speed (even though my GPU and RAM are up to date).

SOLUTIONUnlike the current 360-degree option in Photoshop (which uses a single 3D layer), Drawn2 allows you to have an infinite number of layers to re-edit on the fly. Drawn2 must manage and remember the various properties of every layer added. This gives you much better organization and flexibility, however, as the number of layers grows, it takes more processing power, which may impact the speed. Please note that this is very new software and the speed of Drawn2 will only get better over time.